I Am So Ashamed Of President Trump!

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, I have really tried to find aspects of Trump’s leadership and character that I can admire. Yes, there are some, but his judgment is so skewed to the economic and he is so tempted to minimize what is really serious, that I often feel exasperated. He is obsessively self-referential and self-promoting. I often mute his voice whenever I hear it. I now find myself complaining to the television about him.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I find him so utterly offensive.

Today, he signed the legislative package addressing the economic aspects of the pandemic. Even though he speaks often about the need for national unity and the priority of effective governance over mere politics, not one Democrat was at the signing ceremony. (He hasn’t spoken to the Speaker of the House for five months.)  He criticizes Democratic governors for their appeals for medical supplies and their local leadership. Today, a Republican governor, who by the way gets everything he wants from the White House, could not bring himself to criticize the President for his offensive polemics. (Probably, because Trump has him by the gonads due to the medical and economic support his state desperately needs.)

So, if you are an Evangelical (or not) who agrees with me, SPEAK UP! Contribute supportive comments. Write your own posts.

(But, if you are an always or mostly Trump supporter, READ THIS: Please do not post blasé comments like this: “Trump is not worse than many Presidents we’ve had,” “If not Trump, than who?!,” “Just wait, you’ll see that he will heroically lead our country through this crisis,” “Who are you to judge?” and “Don’t cast the first stone” rhetoric, “Trump is just a ‘baby Christian’,” or even worse, “Trump is God’s anointed and appointed leader for this time.” If you really believe any of this, you can still express moral outrage for his character deficits. Do so!  SPEAK UP!)

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  1. There’s nothing in this but innuendo, moaning, and decrying the president, typical of a #nevertrumper. Likewise, the economic impact of this has and will continue to be devastating, so what is wrong with him talking about it continually?

    Furthermore, should you not ask fellow evangelicals to join in prayer for our leaders? You don’t have to like the moral character of this man, but you can pray for him to change and for the Lord to extend His common grace upon this man.

    Me gusta

    1. Haha, I’ve criticized him often enough. This post is three years at least too late. We already know that he’s s crass New Yorker, often a troll, with questionable morality (maybe like a less eloquent Winston Churchill-a man needed at a certain moment). You don’t have to like him, but you can’t claim he’s had no leadership here or anywhere else.
      That’s the point I’m challenging you on, for he’s gotten more done then any other president, actually keeping his promises, which in the beginning I thought he was a windbag, but I’ve been surprised to find he’s not. You don’t have to like him, but to claim he lacks leadership is silly and lacks a thorough inspection of the evidence, merely because you can’t get over the first element, that you don’t like him.

      Also, it takes two to tango and the democrats aren’t interested in negotiating, remember Nancy Pelosi tearing up the state of the union address, or did you forget that small fact to fit your narrative?

      Me gusta

      1. First, I am not a «never-Trumper» as you said. (That comment reveals a lot about your position.) Rather, I am a «once-Trumper», someone who reluctantly supported but later changed his position after a lot of consideration. If you want to know more about my outlook, I suggest you read these blogs in the English Page: «What’s Wrong with this Picture?», «The Redeemer Nation,» «Enough with President Trump 1», and «Enough with President Trump 2». It may even be that we share some concepts — maybe not.

        Me gusta

      2. One other point: You are incorrect to say that I find nothing good about his leadership. I wrote, in fact, » I have really tried to find aspects of Trump’s leadership and character that I can admire. Yes, there are some.» My focus was his character.

        Me gusta

  2. FROM CLAUDIA: Thank you Richard, some of us do speak up and it falls on deaf ears. It’s a cult. I know I’ll get slammed for saying that, I don’t care. They follow blindly excusing his selfish and self promoting interest. He is a wolf in sheep’s skin, pretending to be a believer so he can keep his base.

    Me gusta

  3. FROM KEITH: Completely agreed with you. Evangelical leaders who adore him makes me wonder are they in this for the power? As one leader proudly stated, “We have unlimited accessibility to the President. Also the hypocrisy is appalling. As one leader called out Clinton for his despicable behavior by stating a president should be a role model. He was absolutely right . How could you not agree with that? YET the same person commented when ask about Trump’s promiscuous lifestyle he says “we didn’t elect a pastor in chief but a commander in chief. Or when Trump says “I don’t need forgiveness I’m a good person. What is the excuse we hear from some of these leaders? Well he is a a baby Christian. REALLY. I could go on and on. The adoration of Christians of the man is a poor example of what the church should be living as a witness. But there are many Christian leaders such as Michael Gerson, Tim Keller, and Lynn Hubell who are speaking out against the corruption of this shameful President I remember what Dave Lambert once said, Does you politics inform your faith or does your faith inform your politics ?
    May God have mercy on us

    Me gusta

  4. I fear most Trump fans will stick by him no matter what because he represents their interests, and won’t speak out against him for the same reason. I PRAY that what’s going on in the US right now will be the last straw and prove me wrong about Trump’s diehard followers… but from the looks of it, that’s not going to happen 😦 The situation in the United States, where my family lives, terrifies me. Trumps failure to take action early on, his minimization and almost making fun of this crisis, and his blatant disregard for those who are most at risk is appaulling. Throughout his presidency, his biggest priority has been his own ego, and that has not changed besides the deaths that are piling up and the medical resources that are running out… and this is just the beginning.


    Me gusta

  5. FROM MINO: «Leadership? He’s still slow walking test kits and saying we’ve tested more than any other country. When it’s pointed out to him that per capita, we don’t even have a third of one percent of our population tested and without case tracing and isolating, we can never get a hold on the pandemic or provide meaningful numbers, he fails to answer the question and repeats we’ve tested more than any other country. He has no presence of mind; he disbelieves the science and caters to conspiracy theories. Leadership? Slamming anyone who dares critique him and forces crisis update briefings to become displays of idolatry by his worshippers in place of his liefest rallies. Everything about him is fake especially his reverence for God, of whom he said he’s never had to ask for forgiveness because he’s never done anything wrong. Truman desk sign said “the buck stops here”. When has this man EVER taken responsibility for anything? I’ll wait.

    Me gusta

  6. The same people who raged for eight years about the four dead in Benghazi are the ones now saying that the best case scenario of 100,000 to 200,000 deaths will have shown what a great job the president has done.

    Me gusta

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