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By The Waters of Babylon

Jeremiah’s Letter

When He Died

Community Gardens

The Whole World Is A School

A Mind That Loves

A Mind That Is Vigilant 2

A Mind That Is Vigilant 1

A Mind That Fears

A Mind Such As This

The One Lesson We Must Learn

The Bible And Our Brain

The Search For Wisdom

Job Is Our Hero

Reflections on the Pandemic (By John Marshall)

Struggling with Voices (By Osam Edim Temple)

Personal Lessons from Covid 19 (By Robert Reimers)

Is COVID 19 Your Idol? (By David Lambert)

Beware Of Conspiracies!

«Try Me And Know My Thoughts!»

God Redeems Sinful Thinkers

Covid-19: «Why, Oh Lord?»

Overweight and Unhealthy

Two Ways

Two Voices

Enough With President Trump! (Part 2)

Enough With Mr. Trump! (Part 1)

«What Does Man Gain Under The Sun?»

«Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him»

A SMART Church

Why Listen To God?

Our Father Abraham

Listen to the Voice

Thinking About Thinking

Did God Actually Say?

Cain: Godfather of Greed & Violence

Spiritual Nakedness

The First Sin

Simple Pleasures

God’s Two Names in Genesis 1-3

Komenský’s List Of Principles Of Moral Wisdom

I Miss Christmas

What is Wisdom?

The Image Of God Or The Slave Of The Gods?

How Then Should We Think?

«Oh the Depth and Wisdom of God!»

Spirituality In Three Dimensions

«The Present Evil Age»

To Know — And Not To Know — God

Knowing God Is The Goal Of Creation

59 Questions For Church Leaders

Theology In Three Dimensions

Too Little Too Late

What The Bible Is About

A People Zealous For Good Works

Homo Economicas

The Way Of Folly

Insight Or Illusion?

My Daughter is Perfectly Created by God (by Stephanie Weaver)

Worldview Formation Is Very Complicated

«Take Off Your Glasses Please»

The Heart Thinks

A Review of the Movie Mary Magdalene (Fernado Saraví)

Introducing The Society Of Christian Scholars

Serving As A Christian Missional Academic Under The Lordship Of Christ (Granville Pillar)

Churches Should Be «Abuse Free» Zones

Will The Church Survive The 21st Century?

A Place at the Table: Christian Political Engagement in a Post-Christian Context

A Response to Darrow Miller

What Do We Sing In Church?

A Passionate Plea On Behalf Of Christian Scholarship (by Keith Campbell)

«Therefore» Is A Big Word

The Hope of Argentina

«Discipling The Nations» – A Sympathetic Critique of Darrow Millers Book

The Lords Prayer (part 2)

The Lords Prayer (part 1)

The Iridescent Diamond Of God

«If I Were A Rich Man»

«He Who Is Wise Saves Souls» (2)

«I Wonder If We Will Ever Appear In Legends»

«I don’t know how to love him»

Gospel According to Diego Dreyfus

Three Faces Of Consumerism

«He Who Is Wise Saves Souls» (1)

How They See Us

The Infamous Blog

Beelzebul’s Big Surprise

Church Strategies To Overcome Anti-intellectualism

Apologetics 101 – Apologetics Toolbox (Pt 2)

Apologetics 101 – Apologetics Toolbox (Pt 1)

Apologetics 101 – God On Trial

Apologetics 101 – Proverbs & The Fool

Apologetics 101 – General Revelation

Apologetics 101- Ask Questions

Apologetics 101 – Definition

There Are Two Loves Only – God or Mammon

Real Hope For The Real World

How To Be Irrelevant…As A Christian

My Calling To Be An Academic (By Keith Campbell)

Cultivate Contentment

How To Make A BIG Decision

Three Forms of Self-Redemption

The Three Biggest Demons

The Heart Has Its Reasons

Greed – Cancer of the Soul

The Bible And Corruption

God Goes To The Movies

To Argentina With Love

The Redeemer Nation

Money Is Sacred




When God Takes Our Hand

«Rise Up O Man Of God»

Great Exchange and Great Reversal

Heaven and Hell on Earth

It Is Dark, Lord

The Language Of Lament

Sometimes God Is An Enigma

How To Pray When Life Hurts

What Is the Gospel About?

Why we don’t study theology

How To Marginalize The Church

On Apologetics Imagination and Cultural Engagement for Cosmovision

Beware Of Utopia

‘The major threat to the viability of our faith is that of consumerism»

«Wherever riches have increased…»

Are we … stupid Christians?

Write Me A Happy Ending

Heaven: God’s «Grand Design»

Twin Cities-Prague and Buenos Aires?

Common Grace

«We don’t need theology«(Really?!)

After The Wedding – Let’s Party! (Or Not?)

How Argentines Resist The Gospel

Looking For One Serious Student

The Mission Of God

Am I A Disciple Or A Consumer?

Who Takes Care Of Us?

The Money Prayer

Who Is A Chanta?

We Need Cultural Apologetics

Attractional Or Incarnational?

Whats Wrong With This Picture?

Whats Wrong With This Picture?

Junk Food For The Soul

The Simple Gospel 1

The Simple Gospel 2

The Simple Gospel 3

The Simple Gospel 4

The Simple Gospel 5

Our $89 Investment

I Believe So That I May Understand